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Thursday, March 14, 2013

My little girl will be going for a surgery

My little girl..and she is only 4 years old going on 5 this year will be going thru a minor surgery tomorrow to remove a cyst in the inside of her bottom lips. I seem to be in state of daze? Shock? Because I can't seem to come to terms with my baby going for surgery no matter how minor it is. I don't like the idea that she has to go thru general anesthetic so that she will go to sleep when the doc performs the surgery. I don't like that someone will insert a knife and cut a hole in her inner lips. I don't like to think that she has to have suture after that. And I will worry myself senseless while waiting for the lab to come back with the results of the cyst after removal. I worry and worry. And... What if she is allergic to it? What if she goes into a fright and clings to me before the surgery? What ifs what ifs. I guess I'm the one with a trauma. I'm scaring myself silly.

My little girl fell down hard on her face some months back. I didn't check if she hurt her lips of teeth as I saw no blood and she didn't cry much. Two months back, I accidentally saw some white specs in the inner lips and thought it was some rice or food and I wanted to wipe it off. It was then I discovered that it was something protruding out from the inner lips. My girl then said no pain. We took her to the paed and she told us to leave it alone and ignore it as it will go. Said it is a cyst due to blockage of saliva glens. Gave us some med to apply. I didn't go off. Took her to the dentist and she looked damn blur and gave some passing remark that 'perhaps we should remove it'. Took her to a normal GP, she asked me 'what is it? Never seen before'. Then the Daddy tried to apply some salt to 'help burst the cyst' and to some success it went down by half. Two weeks later, it came back and bigger. Got worried and immediately took her to Columbia Asia to see Doctor Cheok who referred us to an ENT specialist in the same hospital, Dr Megat. Nice and patient guy. He explained that it is cyst and it could be due to trauma or blockage of saliva glens or what else as it is hard to say but don't worry, it ain't anything dangerous.  Phew! But still, he recommended to remove it since it has been there for some months. Ermmm... In fact, I agree as it is already affecting Rachel as she kept biting on it accidentally and causing it to hurt. So, quickly we scheduled for tomorrow to perform this surgery.

Children this age must sleep thru the surgery. In fact, Ryan who has severe gastric and digestion problem and who is also seeing a specialist (sigh!!) was on standby to do a stomach scope and that doc also explained that kids have to go with general anesthetic as they can't keep still. Yep, I've been in and out of hospitals seeing specialist since Jan. So much so I asked a feng shui master to check what's wrong.

Rachel will also be given a local anesthetic on the cyst area so that it will help when she wakes up. And then after, she will go on antibiotic and pain killers while we watch for possible signs of infections. She will be in pain...arghhh!! So the doc told us to prepare ice creams as she can't hardly eat after. I also just bought her some toys to distract her when she wakes up after the surgery. She doesn't need to stay the night at the hospital, thank God!

Just yesterday, my friend told me that she will also be given the IV needle. Oh no! Sure Rachel will freak out! How to handle?! So, now you know... My trauma and my tension. Yes it is a minor procedure but face it, she is only a 4 year old!

Bracing myself! Luckily my husband will also be there. Coz I'm scaring myself silly with my imaginations and worries.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Just testing ...

Yes, I know I said good night already ... But since  I'm holding an iPad, I just haaavvve to test if I can blog with my iPad. Now I know I can...with some limitations. Whee! That's all, folks. I'm sleeping now. Trow is work day... Monday, sigh!

Good nite!

The Wonders of Hazeline Snow .. even for my kids!

Why didn't I blogged about this? I have been using Hazeline Snow since I was a kid and I'm also putting my kids on it. I am a firm believer of Hazeline Snow and I'll tell you why.

Remember this ... long long time ago? 

Now, it looks like this. . But somehow, I like the old bottle better.

And I'm still using it. I prefer this yellow bottle version and not the green cap with whitening ingredients.

Cheap and good. And no! Unilever is NOT paying me to talk about it. I wish! I sorta heard that they may just discontinue the production but I really hope not. Anyway, I'm gonna stock up just in case.

Tried and tested. My brother went without it when he was growing (he didn't like it) and I was on it since I was 12 years old. My mum introduced Hazeline to me as she was also using it when SHE was young. The difference was I had flawless complexion and my brother had acne issues. I really used it everyday, every time after I wash my face... coz I stand the feeling of 'skin pulling' after I wash my face... erm... with normal bathing soup!! I like the oil free skin feel. Heehee! And did I mention, that I never use toner, facial cleaner and etc etc ... even now. The cosmetics promoters always gave me a horrified look whenever they tried to sell me toner, facial cleaner and the works, and I told them I have never used them at all. Just 1 mosturizer will do, Ha,ha! Partly also I'm just to lazy to fix on so many things. As I said, my latest is just good O Hazeline Snow. I love to put the bottle in the fridge (not the ice box!!) and it felt really good when I apply it on my face. Cooling!

Oops, I'm digressing... about my brother and I ... Of course, you can always say it  is because of different skin types. I still feel that since both my brother and I came from the same genes, it shouldn't be that much of a difference. Till today, at this age (I ain't telling) I'm still using it. Earlier, I was also firm believer of Estee Lauder for my skin care but of late, I have developed some allergies to some of its products. Could be the ingredients that they keep changing or just me and my hormones! So, I reverted back to Hazeline Snow, the yellow cap ones.

When I was a teen with raging hormones, even though I had most-of-the-time-flawless skin, I would occasionally be spotted with a big big pimple. It was those big and shiny and right on the nose type... and really reeaaaally painful type. Just one of it. What I used to do was to apply Hazeline Snow on it. Rubbed it in .. really massage it in... apply some more Hazeline... keep massaging it in.. apply some more until it forms a thick white powdery layer. I left the white layer on. Of course I only did this at night before I went to bed. The next day, voila!! The pimple was down by HALF the size and less red and swollen. Of course, I continued the application till the pimple was gone. Works every time!

Just last night, a mosquito got into the room and had a feast on my girl. She woke up in the middle of the night with 3 big bites on her face, 2 bites on her neck and 2 big bites on her hands. Yep, from only 1 very hungry mosquito which my hubby caught. Mosquitoes like my girl... heard it is those PH thing that my girl has and that mosquitoes like. The bites on her will normally swell and swell ... gets big time inflamed and very very itchy. She would scratch until her skin bleeds. Then of course, scars later.  So, what I did this time was the same thing. Took the yellow capped Hazeline Snow, scooped a big chunk and put it on all the bites. On each spot, I massaged in the Hazeline about 1 min. Then put some more and massage another minute and then add and repeated... for each bite. Then I left a thick layer on all the bites and left it to dry. Guess what!! The next day, the swell went down by half again. Towards afternoon, it was getting redder again (because we washed it off and forgot to apply it again earlier), I did the same application on her again. I kept doing this about 2-3 times today and I found them healing very quickly. In fact, the bites even stopped itching. And hopefully, no scars.

So, there you go! Try it. It works well for my family. 4 generations of us ... and I forgot to mention that my late grandma used to use it too, :)! I have started my kids already on Hazeline Snow since they were 4-5 years old. There are so many pollutants in the air nowadays that it is better to protect their skin earlier. And seriously, even the Unilever who produces this Hazeline Snow product may not even know the extent of its uses... protects the skin, heal pimples, heal bites, hahaha! Else how come never boast about it? I really hope they will keep this product on the shelves. Keep the price too! The biggest bottle is only less than RM11 (at NSK). If they are not, I'm gonna stock up!!!

Ok, I'm going to bed! Have a good week to all!
Nite, nite!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's time to enroll your kids in Primary again

I have been busy and forgetful. I received this notification from my boys' school to start enrolling kids born in 2007 and 2008 for primary schools. I kept forgetting to enroll for Rachel. How slack! When I just got down to it, I realized I need to check out some details - so postpone again. I will do it tomorrow!

Just so you know, the application for registering kids to Standard 1 is open for this month from 1 till 31 March. Expecting a crowd in school, better hurry. If you are unaware, log on to MOE website to check out the requirements. For Selangor, we do online first before we go to the school to submit docs and have the birth cert stamped.

The website is
This website is only for Selangor schools.

Fill up the online application and then print it out.
Bring this along to the school together with:
1.  Original and copy of the child's birth cert
2.  Parents' NRIC - original and copy
3.  Marriage Cert (or Divorce cert) - original and copy
4.   Proof of address with name of parents on it. Original and copy. Eg. electric bill, water bill, Land assessment, SPA
5.  A white envelope 4" x 9" with RM0.60 stamp affixed

Let's do this!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Does Enopi/Eye Level work for my kids? Let's talk about this again.

Let's talk about Enopi, now known as Eye Level, again...

I knew I raved about its effectiveness a long while back when my boys were still young and in kindy. I'm  stillnot saying that it is not good but... yes, it has some 'Buts' now.

In my earlier post, I have quite a few comments from my readers about their opinion on Enopi and their recommendation of some other. Thanks so much :) !

Now that my boys are now older, I have to review some points here. At the start, Enopi for very young kids like 4 years and kindy has certainly helped them. My kids are still going there but Im having second thoughts for my eldest, Ryan now in Standard 3... and perhaps at later stage for Raymund who is now at Standard 1. Ryan is still practicing some additions and substractions but his school has gone much advance. The worse part is the method is not aligned to his school's. Children at this stage, if they can recognize that there are more ways to work out the Maths, it's good but I seriously think that it is expecting too much of them.

I'm planning to pull Ryan out of Enopi soon but Im leaving Rachel and Raymund there still. Enopi still gives them a good foundation. The practical skills in critical thinking and problem solving are also very useful and makes future comprehension of Maths easier. However, when the child moves to primary schools, there are obvious distinction in the teaching methods. I find my boys esp Ryan going on 2 different routes in learning Maths - in school and at Enopi. To say the least, Enopi is not helping with his everyday Maths needs for his school. And worse, I am beginning to notice that both his interest and performance in Maths is sliding. Is that what we want at this stage? Yes, if my child is super intelligent. At his point Ryan is really struggling. My experience when I was coaching his school work and Enopi is that the methods for each are trully not aligned and teachers in school are very adamant to use THEIR method. So, why stress my boy to learn 2 varying methods??

To point it out further, kids nowadays are already stress as it is with high level of difficulty in school (compared to my time really!) and time is not enough as it is. I for one have no intention of adding unnecessary stress to them.

Having said that, I am NOT degrading the importance of Enopi. Specifically for my kids, I feel that they have truly benefited at younger age and I'm still sending my youngest there to build her foundation. I still have no regrets over my decision to enroll them at Enopi at the younger age. But, I feel that I can put my older boy's time to better use and align it with his school's studies. Mathematics is a very important subject. At least, I'd want to reinforce his school studies instead of taking him to a different route. Moreover, he is still a banana going thru big challenges of a SJKC, both academically and emotionally.. sigh! That's another story.


Hi! It's been a while!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

It's been a while since I last blogged. Much has happened. Now my kids are bigger. My youngest Mei Mei is already in Kindy Year 5, Raymund just started Standard 1 and Ryan now in Standard 3. This is getting more challenging for me with 2 primary school going kids. Can't imagine when my youngest goes to primary. I really don't know how I can split my time to coach them esp when I'm not a SAHM.

To be a SAHM is certainly a wish but it ain't gonna happen. But it's a nice wish to be SAHM plus of course, having a maid to help out :). Keep dreaming. In reality, it works alot better for my family to have dual income so as not to stress out any party and to have some stability.

Work has become more challenging as you climb the ladder. Of course, age is also not helping to ease as I don't have the never ending energy that I used to have. Gosh! Now I sound like an old hag. Kids are growing up and the needs are more demanding now. My husband and I have to keep thinking how to get the best for the family and the future. I make this sound very stressful. Is it? Not really but something everyone has to go thru. Is this what everyone call the start of mid life crisis, hahaha! Just blowing some steam here only :)

Contrary... I actually love to watch my kids growing up. How their characters are forming. Of course there are stress moments when we found something are not exactly going to the way we want it to. Then the challenge of trying to correct them. Life is not that tough. Our jobs no matter how challenging they are at work still allows us to have some quality family time. I have to say... our weekends are sacred!!! Strictly family time. I get very upset when it gets interrupted. Of course, it happens every now and then :(. Having a good boss is very important. A boss who believes that everyone must have work family balance... and not that we owe them our lives to work for them. We are so far pretty lucky in this regard.

This year, my husband and I are facing some new challenges. Raymund starting Primary.... Ryan to see if he can still take SJKC.. Rachel signs of some reluctance to go to kindy... Ryan some medical issues though not serious, ladiladila... Let's see. I'll slowly talk about them.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Watch out, all ladies!!!

I have to tell you this... before I call it a day. All ladies out there! Be on the alert. Kidnappers are not just out for kids but ladies as well.

A week back, a friend of mine was walking from her house to Kelana Jaya LRT station. It was the busiest time at 8am what with drive time traffic and all. She was walking along the road when she noticed a car had pulled up in front of her, blocking the walk way. She stopped and thought that it was suspicious that the car should block the walk way. She noticed a man was driving the car and there were two other Indian men sitting at the back. Then, the two men at the back got out of the car. My friend didn't wait but turned and ran. The men chased her all the way. She ran to a field where she saw some senior ladies exercising in a group. She shouted to them saying that the men were chasing her. The ladies also shouted and made quite a bit of noise. When the men saw them, they turned and ran away. My friend had a near miss! What would have happened to her if they got her? Rape? Kidnap for ransom? People are already talking about how easy it was to get ransom what with the recent case on the boy from Mont Kiara.

My friend was very alert and it definitely saved her life. I was thinking that if it had been me, I would have continued walking and go around the car. That will be goners, for sure!!!

So, ladies, broad daylight is still NOT safe! Look around and run at the slightest suspicion. Carry pepper sprays, personal alarm, whatever... for protection. Times are not exactly good.

Good night!

PLECO helped my son study for his Chinese Spelling

Ryan was pestering over the weekend to get his tuition teacher to come over and help him with his Chinese Spelling ('ting seah' or direct translation: 'listen then write'). Actually, I'm not correctly saying this as there is no such thing as Chinese spelling since it is character learning. Basically, it really means listening to the character and writing it out again. I didn't want to call in the teacher this round. And I also felt that Ryan is too reliant on the tuition teacher.

I decided to try out PLECO. I talked about this application earlier. I was playing the demo version which didn't get me that far. Here is what I thought. It is cheaper than having an electronic dictionary and will definitely teach my kid to be more independent. So, why not? Then, it got me the next question. Should I buy the basic version which is for Chinese beginners, or the 'professional' version which caters for intermediate students? The catch is that I can't upgrade from basic to professional later but to buy add-ons by add-ons which may turn out more expensive. The cost for basic is US39.99 and professional is US69.99. I'm thinking that my son could be progressing to intermediate quite soon ... so what the heck.. just get the professional version. After all, shopping for a dress might cost me more than that. I decided not to get the OCR add on -- the one that you can hover the phone/iPad over the character and it will search for a match. Cool add-pn but more for 'syiok sendiri'. I feel. The package comes with handwriting which is good enough. Handwriting means you can draw the character on the iPad and a match will appear. Then you can get the meaning and even have the application pronounce the character for you. I just felt that OCR is just good to have but not necessary.

So, I tried it out with my son for his revision on 'ting seah'. I used the Flashcard function to save all the characters for his exam so that he can practice over and again. I was also able to check whether his strokes are correct. And then, emphasizing the meaning of the characters. Cool! Ryan was excited with this new 'toy' and he actually learned quite well from it.

Money well spent! And then, my husband had to say that we could have jail broken the iPad before I got the application. Grrrrr....

My son's exam - my stress or his stress?!

Finally my son's exams are over. Phew! It does sound like I'm having exam too, isn't it? Anyways, those 3-4 weeks of review were quite tiring. In fact, it was definitely harder on my son, Ryan who had to go thru 2 to 3 rounds of tuition plus school everyday. In fact, he was asking for the tuition teacher to come in the morning session before he went to school and right after school. After that, it was followed by my session with him. You see, the tuition teacher and I split work. She took up all subjects in Chinese and I took English and Bahasa Malaysia. I focused quite a bit on BM - going very slow, word by word making sure he understood each word. I wasn't expecting him to remember all but at least 80%... that's quite demanding too, I guess. Towards the last week and exam week, I did a lot of practice with him using KSSR workbooks and UPSR workbooks. I thought like what I used to do in SPM, practice makes perfect and hopefully, the teachers would use some of those questions from the published workbooks. I know that in my days, my teachers used to copy questions from different workbooks to make up an exam paper.

A word of warning though. Don't rely on workbooks that mention on covers that they are on KSSR syllabus. Some publishers just used KBSR books and put a cover saying that they are KSSR books. The syllabuses between KSSR and KBSR are very different. You know what I did? I used my iPhone and snapped my son's text book's content page and then, went to the bookstore and check the workbooks book by book before I bought them. 

So, what I did was, after reviewing a few topics on text books, I gave him practice the same topics on a few workbooks. I aim for repetitive learning. Within reach was a dictionary which I train my son to use. So, it was a very slow and painful progress. When exam came, I found that Ryan had quite some confidence. I'm very happy. I'm not expecting 100% but an above average grade will do so that at least some subjects will help to pull up his overall grading. 

On the last day of his exam, I rewarded Ryan with 2 sets of encyclopedia which he loves. This time, I bought him encyclopedia in Malay language. I found it by chance in Sogo. I'll take some pictures and show you next time. Too comfortable now in bed, blogging. 

Actually, I was pretty much in dilemma just before his exam. I knew I pushed him very hard and he has been a good boy trying to please me by studying hard even though he was very tired. I felt very heartsick to push my 7+ year old like that but I asked myself if I had a choice. Two days before exam started, Ryan said to me just before bedtime that he was very worried. Worried what if he couldn't do well in his exam. Worried what if he didn't know how to do. I told him to try his best and try not to make careless mistakes. He told me that he wanted to be a good boy and he wanted to do well. My sister in law also just told me that Ryan told her that he was stressed a few days back. I felt really bad. Have I pushed him too hard? I told him that he has improved a lot already. Even if his results are not as good, he has already improved. He can always try to do better in the next exam. My husband told me to relax a bit. On the extreme, we don't want him to get depress like those children we hear in the news who went into extreme actions like committing suicide. That got me real worried. Straight away, I sms-ed the tuition teacher telling her not to push too hard. I relaxed a bit on my coaching method as well. And I prepared a reward on the last day of exam to boost up his spirit. Actually, it wasn't so bad. He was pretty confident with BM and English. So, let's see... the results.

I don't know I was lucky or not that I don't need to coach Raymund and Rachel. At last minute, about a 2-3 weeks back, there was a notice that MOE abolished exams for preschoolers. I'm not very sure I'm that happy about that. I feel that these children will get quite a shock when they move to primary school. My son Ryan has gone thru both environments - kindy with exam and without exam. I feel that kindy with exam is preparing preschoolers better for primary school. They will have enough shock going to a new school .. much bigger.. stricter ...and definitely, with teachers with less personal touch and care.

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